Tuesday, January 01, 2013


                              HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013, 
Hope this year will bring Joy, happiness and Good health to we all.

Bharat B Das ( eleyeceeian)


LET US SHARE THE PAIN AND AGONY, the lines touched me and brought tears in my eyes. 

Sharing these lines which touched me a lot :(

I still remember mom when once
you and dad asked me what I
need to do in my life I replied
you I will reduce the pain of
other’s people and I became a
physiotherapist so that I can try my level best to reduce the pain
of others. But today I am not
able to resist my own pain.
Doctors are slashing my body
parts for the fifth time like they
were never the parts of my body…it is paining a lot mom
I am not able to breathe properly
and they attached me with
oxygen cap please tell the
doctors not to give me the
anesthesia mom I am scared I don’t want to close my eyes.
If I close my eyes it takes me to
that scary phase of my life
where I was being cut into
pieces I was just a bunch of
flesh which was being continuously chopped by those
animals. Those faces were very
scary mom they were like those
hungry animals who were biting
at every parts of my body. I
don’t have courage to look myself in the mirror.
Mom please break all the mirrors nearby me
please take me to bath I want
to bath I want to sit under the
shower for years mom so that
I can wash those inhuman touch which had made me to hate my
own body I tried to go towards
bathroom but my stomach pain
didn’t allow me to move myself.
I can’t raise my head to see you
standing outside through door glass. When someone enter in my
room I feel very scared mom my
heartbeats gets faster my eyes
searches for you please be
around me. I don’t want to be
alone mom these medical instruments beeps are haunting
in my brain they sound like
those unhelping traffic sounds
which muted my cry and pleads
which I was doing that time
mom. The silence of this room is remembering me that silence
when I was thrown on deserted
road I don’t know what
happened but I was feeling very
much cold in the same way like
a person shivering with very high temperature.
Mom do you remember once when dad
slapped me in childhood how
much you fought with him until
dad didn’t brought my favorite
chocolate… where is dad mom I can’t see him... is he ok mom ???
Please don’t let him cry mom.
Do you remember once how dad
got angry on you when you
used to shout on me only for
anything but they have beaten me and my dearest friend with
some metal it was paining a lot
mom I saw how he was bleeding
to save me but they were
coward rascals they kept on
beating him together till he didn’t collapsed and then they
scratched every parts of my
body repeatedly mom. You
always taught me to fight with
the difficult situations but I am
very weak in this situation please hold my hand I want to
sleep please put my head in
your lap please wash my body
give me some pain killer my
stomach is paining please tell
doctor not to cut more parts of my body its paining a lot.
I am sorry mom I can’t fight more……