Wednesday, March 11, 2009


HOLI, the festival of colours, festival of joy, festival of togetherness, festival of forgiveness, festival of enjoyment, festival of respect to elders, festival of “Halla -Gulla” of young children and also festival of kids enjoyment. Holi being the full package of festivals which contains everything from enjoyment, happiness, delicious meals to forgiveness. The great thing in this festival is that on this date the difference among people melts down and everybody hug each other and forgive all past differences. These festivals are need of the hour which can help society to grow and to spread love and happiness among all. On this day nobody is black or fair but everybody is multicolored which confirms that the society grows, moves ahead with the growth of love, respect and regard.

Once again I wish all my countrymen a HAPPY HOLI and everybody in the world.

Bharat B. Das (an el eye cee’ian)