Monday, June 07, 2010


Difficult time in life when comes, it comes with so many difficulties from all the corners. Let us go through a lane which one usually think to be a lane to happiness, lane to facilities for life and family, a way to perform better and better and be spotted while doing good job. But a bitter experience of it can make a person disheartened and the correct decision out of it is to make your wrong decisions right at an earliest. The quotation says, to get success one has to use “ saam, dham, dand, baed” but to what extent, to the extent nobody gets harmed physically, emotionally. But the reality is that all the four basic things are being used to frown, to kill emotionally to get physical harm without using any outer force.
We have people with two different attitudes, one speak very sweetly, talk very polite at the moments and pose being the only capable person among the group and 2nd have their personal as well as professional interests. These people try to achieve their requirements of life by using everybody to the extent of physical, emotional levels. As on date the same boat we all are sailing the elders at almost every levels think to squeeze at every corner and do not have any interest in what way one can provide development and care to the family at a distance visa vis they keep on providing every thing to their dependents. Being now at any senior level all those have no interest about others living arrangements though provided at almost every place but is being misused. The most killing instinct being to promote regionalism, to help regional people whether they deserve or not and make indifference with those who need the pat on shoulder.
Any way there is a dawn and the new Sun arises and new day of life starts, nobody can stop ones destiny and nobody can make anybody behind the bars, the persons of capable mind and confidence will always proceed to their destiny despite even and odds in life. I pray to God to give all selfish people a good mind and direction so that they don’t call themselves “YAHAN KA RAJA MAIN HOON AUR YAHAN MERI CHALE GI”.

Bharat B Das ( an el eye cee’ian)