Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Elections are one of the great examples of democracy all over the world, every human being has inherent right to vote , to elect the government of own choice. We have seen that the right to vote has changed the opinions of many great politicians and they could not withstand on what they had thought before results. The change is the ultimate thing in the life and we all have to accept that change always brings harmony in life.
As for as INDIA is concerned elections has many other reasons to celebrate, most of the rural people get engaged in the process only for the minor benefits and are being used for pity jobs at the behest of politicians. Most of the people live in rural INDIA and people are true at heart, but few and not all the politicians get the benefit of those true people and after winning they reach to the places where they make their pockets full of money and power. None of the politicians had ever thought about the old age provisions for the society, wherein every senior citizen of the country should have the arrangements of settlement, healthcare and much more in case of distress beyond the age where they are not able to earn or work till end of life. If we have the senior citizens hale and hearty, they can nourish the youth of the country for better tomorrow.
Our country is now a nuclear power and has made a significant place among all the countries in the world, so let us think, unite to use the power of our vote and elect such a government and the respective candidates on merits only whatever the party may be. We all countrymen are responsible to make our country better, strong and powerful.

Bharat B. Das (an el eye cee'ian)