Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Today VEYTH THEATRE GROUP AMBALA ( VTG Ambala) came to existence in AMBALA. The fire and flame of THEATRE and TELEVISION within me is existing since my childhood, and it remained live even in difficult times of life when we lost every thing in life due to turmoil in KASHMIR. This fire continued within me due to my GURU and my inspiration Padmshree Sh Moti Lal Kemmu Ji, whom I have seen teaching BHANDS ( Nats) of our village in KASHMIR since I was a kid. It gave me a strength to have my own THEATRE GROUP at AMBALA, which came to existance under VTG AMBALA as a registered Society. A desire to infuse the skills of confidence , to perform on stage among the members of society here in AMBALA made me curious to create the theatre group the seed for forming the group was sowed by my dear friend Tapeshwar Dutta and kind guidence of Bhupinder Jamwal. Also a lot of thanks to brother Ravi Kemmu Ji who taught me a lot though in very small span of time , it needs a lot to be learned from all my seniors and need blessings from my GURU JI and support from all mentors, friends, and well wishers.

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Bharat B Das