Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Regionalism and partiality are the main social insects which have bitten me and my community since we were forced by the circumustances to live in such a setup which is altogether different to that of ours. What actually our living setup is? It is to live in such a social setup where humanity, respect to elders exist. What good you are supposed to do as an individual apart from being your duty towards family, society and nation is given due regard and appreciation too. My opinion to above reference that the time I gave to my job and to the people around have never given a job satisfaction, may be my approach might not be good enough, but it has never been so bad believe me, the service provided to people has always been a devotion to me. The services given to the society wherein I live has never encouraged me to do better and better, even rated me below the mark. This is what I disagree because the “PACE” of the life among the communities differ. My pace of life is different from what is at the place where my devotion is now about 20 years. Devotion is something which fetches you laurels, but sometimes when it shatters you and gives bad results it hurts very much. The place which I think to be my second birth place is like a step mother who loves, accepts only its own. From now there will be my only birthplace which has brought me to the existence and which has given me enough encouragement to work for the humanity without anything good in return. One of my well wishers had suggested me to remain what I am actually and never try to what you are not.
My community shall agree to me that we all have been victims of regionalism and partiality at one moment or the other. I have put in all the efforts and skill for betterment of the society and surroundings as a basic native and have changed myself a lot accordingly but all in vain, some people keep bad notion because we dare them to reply and explain the things, sometimes those coward persons are at higher positions than ours.
I believe in positivity and keep a positive thinking; the person who digs for others fells himself in it. But it is necessary for everybody to keep the identity different and must remain what originally the person is.
Bharat B Das
An el eye cee’ian

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